Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Book Blurb & PG Excerpt
Beyond the Point
The Special Agent Series: Book 6
Betty Ann Harris & Linda Carvin
~ ~ ~
In this much anticipated sequel to Eureka Point, the former Katie Montgomery, aka Lizzie Harrison, has now settled into a life of domestic bliss with her new FBI special agent husband, Tom Owens. With the help of her new friend and landscape designer, Abigail Grant, Lizzie has taken the plunge and started a new interior design business in the scenic, old seaport town of Eureka, California. Tom's partner and best friend, Scott Landrew, appears to be smitten with Abby. When Tom is called out of town on business, he leaves Lizzie and Abby under Scott's watchful eye.
Will the suspicious events that are taking place prove to be just harmless coincidences, or are they signs that the dangerous drug cartel may still be after Lizzie? Will Lizzie and Abby's first joint assignment be the beginning of a wonderful partnership, or will Lizzie's past put them all in danger?
PG Excerpt:
As she watched the limited light of the day slowly slide into dusk, a chill ran down her spine. She turned to grab her sweater from the back of the kitchen chair, when she, out of pure surprise, was abruptly compelled to stop when a sudden movement at the edge of the property, where the woods met the yard, caught her eye. What was that? Lizzie rubbed her tired eyes. She tried to focus on the area where she had seen the movement. As a baby deer emerged from behind a large tree, she let out a sigh of relief. Get a grip. Maybe I’ve been reading too many murder mysteries.
Her cell phone vibrated in her pocket, followed by the ring tone she’d set up for Tom, the theme from James Bond, 007. "Hello, Special Agent Owens."
"Hello Lizzie, sweetheart. I miss you already."
"I miss you too. Are you in DC?"
"Yes, I arrived a few minutes ago. Are Scott and Abby there with you?"
"They haven’t arrived yet. They should be here in about thirty minutes. The weather is terrible. We won’t be dining al fresco this evening."
"Yeah, I saw on the weather channel that you’ll be getting hit with forty mile an hour winds and rain, possibly even hail. Maybe Abby can stay at the house for the night rather than drive home in such bad weather."
"I’d suggest that to her, but Scott and she are driving together. Scott was going to pick Abby up at the shop."
"Well, if the weather gets that bad, Scott could stay also. He’s used to sleeping on sofas from when he’s on a case, so I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. He may even suggest it. Besides, I think he has a thing for Abby"
"Really? Did he tell you that?"
"Not in so many words. Just an observation, really. You know how perceptive I am."
Lizzie smiled at that, knowing Tom was most likely smiling too.
"Indeed I do."
"Listen, do me a favor and call me when Scott and Abby get there, okay?"
"Yes, I’ll do that. You worry about me too much, you know."
"I’m not worried, sweetheart, just madly in love with you and cautious. That’s my nature."
"I’ll call you as soon as Scott and Abby get here."
"Talk to you soon, sweetheart. Goodbye."
Lizzie slid the cell phone back in her pocket. Thunder was rumbling in the distance; a continuous low rumble that caused the floor to vibrate beneath her feet. She sat down at the kitchen table, waiting to see who or which would arrive first, her friends or the storm.
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Released on April 22, 2010 - Agent Of Mercy

FBI Special Agent Sam Blake is working undercover on the Catherine Jones case. Catherine is a mentally twisted and cunning criminal who uses wealthy men and then discards them. But she falls for Sam's charm and he is intrigued and falls for her. He decides to help her instead of bringing her into custody.

But has he made a serious misjudgement? Or will Catherine finally be set free from the dangerous past that has marred her life?

See the spine-chilling video trailer below the And The Winner Is Announcement!

Second in The Special Agent Series, My Very Special Agent

Best-selling romance author, Maggie Tyler, is being stalked and threatened by a psychotic fan. Alone and afraid, she turns to the FBI for help.

Stephen O'Leary is the tall, dark, and ruggedly handsome FBI Special Agent who is assigned to protect her. Upon meeting Maggie, Stephen is totally taken by this widowed beauty, a woman who possesses a kind heart and deep passions that match his own burning desires.

Amidst danger, mystery, and the villain's overwhelming compulsion to have Maggie all to himself, she and Stephen fall madly in love. But by doing so are they unknowingly sparking jealousy and a dangerous obsession the stalker has to have Maggie all to himself?


Maura from Coffee Time Romance: "I enjoyed it. The two main characters are carismatic and have great chemisty."

My Very Special Agent is available at Red Rose Publishing (http://www.redrosepublishing.com) and in Kindle at Amazon.com.